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About the Museum

The York University Computer Museum (YUCoM) is a historical collection and research center for the history of computing in Canada. Its mission is to preserve, document, and interpret the history of the information age in Canada. The museum is located in the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, Toronto, Ontario.

Formed in December 2002, YUCoM is the first museum dedicated exclusively to the history of the Canadian computer and IT industries. To fulfill its mission, the museum acquires, documents, and maintains dedicated collections of computer artifacts of historical significance to Canada.

The museum initiates and supports a broad range of activities from historical research and student supervision to exhibits, lectures, seminars, and other forms of public presentation.

Most of the objects in the museum are organized into archives and collections with an aim to provide comprehensive research resources.
On the other hand, the exhibits produced by YUCoM have been designed for a general audience interested in exploring issues related to
the interplay between technology and society.

YUCoM's collections are opened to researchers as well as the general public. However, visits to the museum are by appointment only. You can schedule your visit by contacting the museum.