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MIL CPS-1 Emulator

The CPS-1 computer was developed by Micosystems International Ltd. (MIL) of Ottawa between 1972 and 1973.  The CPS-1 was powered by Canada's first microprocessor  the MIL 7114. This computer is one of the world's first commercially available microprocessor-based computer.

The CPS-1 emulator was developed at York University Computer Museum between 2017-19. It is a result of an extensive study of the CPS-1 documentation collected by the museum as well as of interviews conducted with some of the engineers working on the CPS-1 project at MIL. The CPS-1 emulator reflects the original hardware with high historical accuracy. In particular, the MIL 7114 instruction set, memory management, peripheral interfacing as well as the general layout and functionality of the front panel are accurate.

Currently, the emulator is available for Linux platform only and is supported with these resources:
CPS1 Emulator: The Design Notes and Programmer's Guide
How to Use the CPS/1 Micro-Computer System

To obtain a copy of the emulator, please contact York University Computer Museum.