One of the main functions of York University Computer Museum is to initiate, conduct, and support original historical research on the development of the Canadian computing and IT industries and their technological, economic, social, and cultural impact on the Canadian society. Some of the completed and ongoing research projects conducted at YUCoM include:

  •  NABU Network reconstruction project (completed).
    The reconstruction and installation of the NABU Network -- an early commercial computer network to provide high-speed access to information, software, and digital entertainment directly to homes of personal computer (PC) users.
  • NABU Network emulator (ongoing).
    Software emulation of The Nabu Network.
  •  The MCM/70 emulator (completed).
    Software emulation of the Canadian MCM/70 computer (follow the above link for more information).
  •  The MIL CPS-1 emulator (completed).
    Software emulation of the Canadian MIL CPS-1 computer (follow the above link for more information).
  • Computer Hobby Movement in Canada (ongoing)
    The creation of an annotated  database of early Canadian computer clubs and organizations, their publications and activities.

YUCoM collections are available to anyone who wants to consult them for the purpose of research. In most cases, the use of hardware artifacts is restricted due to their age and fragile technical condition

Schedule a research visit. The space limitations of YUCoM's reading room and the fact that all the materials in the YUCoM's collection are non-circulating makes an advanced scheduling of such visits necessary. Please contact YUCoM to schedule your visit.

Off-site research services offered by YUCoM include the search of museum's holdings for specific objects and documents as well as photocopying or scanning documents in full compliance with worldwide copyright laws. These services do not grant copyrights to publish the requested archival materials. Ultimate responsibility for the publication of such materials, in any media, rests with the author and/or publisher.