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Various DVME computer boards designed by DY 4including:

DVME 102 Single Board Computer
DVME 105 Single Board Microcomputer
DVME 134 32 bit CPU
DVME 201 Eight Serial and Dual-Parallel Port I/O Board
DVME 704 Intelligent Serial I/O Module…

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Rack mounted SDK computer system consisting of 2 cages of SDK boards and 2 power supply's. Note attached stating "Property of DY-4 Systems, Product Number FA-85-0159"

The system includes the DY-4 following boards:

STD 102
STD 188
STD 325

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The DY-4 Orion V Computer, model (?), serial number ORV8023008.The computer was designed around the the STD-bus architecture and featured two built-in 8" diskette drives. It required an external display and a keyboard (such as the DY-4 VGT-100 or…

DY-4 DSM 6816 Microcomputer model number DS6816-002, serial number 105424

DY-4 Systems Inc. Challenger I microcomputer model number 953 Chassis, serial number S9538303008.
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