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The NetWinder was a compact, high-performance, low power computing designed by Corel of Ottawa and released in 1988. It was a RISC-based machine equipped with networking and multimedia capabilities, operated under Linux. Sold with keyboard, mouse,…

The Commodore Plus/4 home computer was released by Commodore International in 1984. It was a CPU unit in plastic enclosure with built-in keyboard. The distinctive feature of the computer were four applications resident in the computer's ROM: a word…

The Pied Piper was designed in the early 1980s by Semi-Tech Microelectronics Corp. (STM) and advertised as a portable, low-cost, versatile business computer. It was sold with the Perfect Software package.The Pied Piper consisted of a CPU unit in…

Rapidman 1212 electronic desktop calculator released by Rapid Data Systems & Equipment Ltd. in 1973. The calculator featured: 12 digit display 4 functions (+, -, x, ÷) decimal position selectable 0-5 places from keyboard memory…

NABU Adaptor was developed by NABU Manufacturing to interface the NABU PC with NABU Network. The museum has two NABU Adaptors:
- model number NA-2, serial number 005420.
- model number NP-2, serial number 0014291.
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