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Tape drive units connected to the IBM System 360 at York University Computer Center's machine room in the early 1970s.

An image of the Ottawa office of Computel Systems Ltd.


Monthly and bi-monthly publications offered by NABU Manufacturing to the subscribers of its NABU Network as well as internal NABU newsletters published by NABU employees.Holdings:- The NABU Network magazine (monthly), Nov.-Dec. 1984- The Changing…

NABU Adaptor was developed by NABU Manufacturing to interface the NABU PC with NABU Network. The museum has two NABU Adaptors:
- model number NA-2, serial number 005420.
- model number NP-2, serial number 0014291.

Rapidman 1212 electronic desktop calculator released by Rapid Data Systems & Equipment Ltd. in 1973. The calculator featured: 12 digit display 4 functions (+, -, x, ÷) decimal position selectable 0-5 places from keyboard memory…

The Pied Piper was designed in the early 1980s by Semi-Tech Microelectronics Corp. (STM) and advertised as a portable, low-cost, versatile business computer. It was sold with the Perfect Software package.The Pied Piper consisted of a CPU unit in…

The Commodore Plus/4 home computer was released by Commodore International in 1984. It was a CPU unit in plastic enclosure with built-in keyboard. The distinctive feature of the computer were four applications resident in the computer's ROM: a word…

Disk storage units for the IBM System 360 mainframe computer installed at York University Computer Center in the early 1970s.

The DY-4 Orion V Computer, model (?), serial number ORV8023008.The computer was designed around the the STD-bus architecture and featured two built-in 8" diskette drives. It required an external display and a keyboard (such as the DY-4 VGT-100 or…

The NetWinder was a compact, high-performance, low power computing designed by Corel of Ottawa and released in 1988. It was a RISC-based machine equipped with networking and multimedia capabilities, operated under Linux. Sold with keyboard, mouse,…
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