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Introduction to IBM Data Processing Systems. IBM, Form F22-6517 (1960).
Technical manual.

J.A. Brown's PHD thesis; his thesis was the starting point to the
development of the APL2 programming language offered by IBM.


photograph of Micro Computer Machines manufacturing facility in Kingston, ON

The first Kobo ereader introduced in May 2010. The device was a compact, lightweight, and affordable ereader with Bluetooth connectivity allowing for short-range cable-free transfers of eBooks, newspapers, and magazines to the device. The eReader…


Lanpar Personal Computer model number LPC, serial number L610206.

This Mathatron Desk Top Calculator was possibly the earliest solid-state electronic calculating device used at York University. This programmable calculator was used in the second half of the 1960s by Professor Ralph Nicholls who founded the Graduate…

The first add-on graphics cards for the microcomputer market.

The MTX-1632 Video RAM was the first product developed and manufactured by Matrox. It was a specialized video-display device which interfaced with a computer hardware to display computer-generated alphanumeric data. One of the companies that employed…

Matrox high-performance graphics accelerator card

The museum has two Matrox MACS CCB-7, rack-mounted computers with serial numbers 660 and 707.
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