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DY-4 DSM 6816 Microcomputer model number DS6816-002, serial number 105424

Various DVME computer boards designed by DY 4including:

DVME 102 Single Board Computer
DVME 105 Single Board Microcomputer
DVME 134 32 bit CPU
DVME 201 Eight Serial and Dual-Parallel Port I/O Board
DVME 704 Intelligent Serial I/O Module…

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Rack mounted SDK computer system consisting of 2 cages of SDK boards and 2 power supply's. Note attached stating "Property of DY-4 Systems, Product Number FA-85-0159"

The system includes the DY-4 following boards:

STD 102
STD 188
STD 325

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The Dynalogic Microcomputer Systems (DMS-8).The museum has: DMS-8 model 7042B, serial number (?) DMS-8 model 7042C, serial number (?) DMS-8 model 7082, serial number 7813350. Dynalogic DMS-8 series computers were Motorola 6800-based CPU units…

Exceltronix catalogs.
Holdings: Fall 1982/83, Spring 1983, Fall 1983, Spring 1984, Fall 1984, Spring 1985, Spring 1986, 1987, and Summer 1989.

Founded in 1979, Exceltronix was one of the largest and popular electronics stores of the 1980s in…

The Multiflex Super System was a Canadian-made, low-cost computer system sold by Exceltronix of Toronto. It consisted of a motherboard designed around the S100-bus with a plug in Z80 CPU board and two keypads of 16 keys each. Using a monitor…

Joysticks and game pads manufactured by Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd. in the 1980s and 1990s. Holdings: Gravis PC GamePad, Gravis analog joystick, Gravis Eliminator joystick, and Gravis Eexterminator Force joystick.

Howard Franklin reconnecting the boards of his MIL MF8008-based hobby microcomputer which he constructed in 1974.

The design of the Dynalogic Hyperion desktop computer began soon after the introduction of the IBM PC in 1981. Because the Hyperion was designed to be IBM PC compatible, hardware configurations of both the Hyperion and the IBM PC were similar.…

Dynalogic Hyperion personal computer model 3032.The Hyperion was one of the first 'luggable' computers compatible with the IBM PC. In 1981, Bytec Management Corporation took over Daynalogic Corporation ‐ one of the first Canadian microcomputer…
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