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J.A. Brown's PHD thesis; his thesis was the starting point to the
development of the APL2 programming language offered by IBM.


AES-286 Personal Computer model number 286, serial number 100309.

From the cover It is a recording "dedicated to the pioneers of APL with respect and affection by J.C.L GUEST"

From Smart Arays

"APL Blossom Time was written by Mike…


photographs and digital images related to the APL programming language

Graphics cards and GPUs manufactured by ATI of Markham, Ontario. For full listing of ATI hardware, consult ATI Collection.

Bell ALEX magazine image
Bell Canada ALEX tetetext service has its roots in the popularity of teletext systems (such as the French Minitel) and in Bell's Integrated Office Systems strategy, developed in mid 1980s, to integrate office systems with communications.Bell ALEX…

Historical Context:In May 2011, Research in Motion (RIM, Waterloo, Ontario) announced its new Blackberry 9900 Bold smartphone that sported an elegant slim design, enhanced keyboard, high-resolution touch-screen display, and new BlackBerry 7 operating…

Commodore Business Machines desktop calculator released in 1969 and manufactured in Japan.

Commodore Business Machines desktop calculator released in 1971. It was designed and manufactured by Omron Tateishi Electronic Co.

The Commodore Plus/4 home computer was released by Commodore International in 1984. It was a CPU unit in plastic enclosure with built-in keyboard. The distinctive feature of the computer were four applications resident in the computer's ROM: a word…
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