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Micro Computer Machines Collection


In April, 1972, Intel Corp. of Santa Clara, California, announced its first 8-bit microprocessor — the 8008. In just a few months, the prototypes of…

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Microsystems International Limited (MIL) Collection


In October of 1968, with $48 million package from the Canadian Treasury Board, Northern Electric transformed its Advanced Devices Center into a new…

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NABU Network Collection

NABU PC promotional photograph

The NABU Network was designed and implemented by an Ottawa-based company NABU Manufacturing between 1981 and 1983. The underlying idea behind the…

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Northern Electric--Nortel Networks Collection


Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company was founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1895. It's main business was the manufacturing of telephone equipment…

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TRACE Archive


The microcomputer hobby movement in Canada had begun soon after the first computer clubs and groups were formed in the U.S. It was a part of the…

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