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The MCM System 900 (MCM/900) desktop computer, designed by André Arpin, was released in 1978. The computer consisted of the main CPU unit with built-in display and keyboard. As was the case with its predecessors (the MCM/70, /700, amd /800), it was…

Introduction to IBM Data Processing Systems. IBM, Form F22-6517 (1960).
Technical manual.

Joysticks and game pads manufactured by Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd. in the 1980s and 1990s. Holdings: Gravis PC GamePad, Gravis analog joystick, Gravis Eliminator joystick, and Gravis Eexterminator Force joystick.

The Blackberry 7290 smartphone was announced by Research in Motion (RIM) in 2004. It offered an integrated phone with Bluetooth, color display, an integrated backlit QWERTY keyboard, corporate email integration, and HTML browser.

The Blackberry 5790 communication device was introduced by Research in Motion (RIM) in 2004. It operated under RIM BlackBerry OS 3.x and offered email services.

The RIM Inter@ctive two-way pager was Research in Motion's (RIM) entrance into the mobile communication devices market. It was introduced in 1996.

Rapidman 804 electronic hand-held calculator manufactured by Rapid Data Systems & Equipment Ltd. of Toronto in the early 1970s (released in 1973).Basic Specifications: numeric capacity: 8-digit display with constant calculation functions: 4…

Rapidman 802 electronic hand-held calculator manufactured by Rapid Data Systems & Equipment Ltd. in the early 1970s (released in 1973).

Rapid Data Systems and Equipment Ltd. promotional brochures.
Holdings: Rapidman 8001, 8004, 8008, 812, 824, 1212, 1220; Rapid Printer 2000, 2001,

Exceltronix catalogs.
Holdings: Fall 1982/83, Spring 1983, Fall 1983, Spring 1984, Fall 1984, Spring 1985, Spring 1986, 1987, and Summer 1989.

Founded in 1979, Exceltronix was one of the largest and popular electronics stores of the 1980s in…
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