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AES-286 Personal Computer model number 286, serial number 100309.

The Commodore Plus/4 home computer was released by Commodore International in 1984. It was a CPU unit in plastic enclosure with built-in keyboard. The distinctive feature of the computer were four applications resident in the computer's ROM: a word…

The NetWinder was a compact, high-performance, low power computing designed by Corel of Ottawa and released in 1988. It was a RISC-based machine equipped with networking and multimedia capabilities, operated under Linux. Sold with keyboard, mouse,…

Commodore SuperPET SP9000 was a co-processor computer with both the MOS 6502 and the Motorola 6809 microprocessors. It was capable of running both the standard Commodore CBM 8000 series software, as well as the University of Waterloo microSystems…

The microWAT microcomputer project was initiated by the 1979 study conducted at the University of Waterloo, on possible use of microcomputers for academic applications (for more information, see the reference below). The computer was designed by the…

DY-4 Systems Inc. Challenger I microcomputer model number 953 Chassis, serial number S9538303008.

Dynalogic Hyperion personal computer model 3032.The Hyperion was one of the first 'luggable' computers compatible with the IBM PC. In 1981, Bytec Management Corporation took over Daynalogic Corporation ‐ one of the first Canadian microcomputer…

Lanpar Personal Computer model number LPC, serial number L610206.

The MCM DDS-1000 Diskette System model number MPD1000, serial number 711108. 8 inch dual diskette system.

This 8 inch dual diskette system was designed as a mass storage for the MCM/700, /800, and /900 computers. It offered over 1 Mbyte of…

NABU Adaptor was developed by NABU Manufacturing to interface the NABU PC with NABU Network. The museum has two NABU Adaptors:
- model number NA-2, serial number 005420.
- model number NP-2, serial number 0014291.
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