The PRO-80 Computer

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The PRO-80 Computer


Hardware: single-board computer


The PRO-80 single-board computer kit was designed and manufactured by Protec  Microsystems Inc. of Montreal, Quebec. It was introduced in 1981 and distributed by Protec as well as by General Electronics of Willowdale, Ontario. The computer was designed around the popular S-100 bus architecture that allowed the user to expand the system with a variety of S-100 boards available on the market.

In 1983, Protec introduced another single-board computer -- the PRO-83. The computer was followed with  the Multi-Lab computer in 1984.

Hardware specification:
  • CPU: Zilog Z80A
  • RAM: 1Kb expandable to 2 Kb
  • EPROM: 1Kb containing the monitor software
  • ports/interfaces: 2 parallel I/O ports, audio cassette interface
  • keyboard: 16-key Hex with 8 additional  keys
  • display: 6-position Hex
Software and documentation:
  • The PRO-80 Assembly and Operations Manual, Protec, 1981
  • monitor (1K Byte)

Protec also offered the PRO-VIDEO expansion card that provided:
  • video controller for a standard color or B/W TV
  • Eprom programmer
  • up to 22 Kb of RAM

The card was supported with an 8 Kb editor/assembler. In April 1983, the computer was priced at $169 while its expansion card at $249.


Protec Microsystems Inc., Montreal, Quebec


Canada, early 1980s




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