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NABU 1100 Computer System


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The NABU 1100 system was manufactured by NABU Manufacturing Corp. in the early 1980s. The system consisted of the the NABU 1100 computer (designed at Toronto-based Andicom -- one of the companies amalgamated into NABU) and the NABU 404 display terminal (designed and manufctured by Volcer-Craig Ltd. -- another Canadian company merged into NABU). Apart from being sold to Canadian customers through the Ottawa-based Computer Innovations retail stores (which become part of NABU as well), the system was internally used as software development platform for the NABU Network -- a new cable TV-based delivery method for software and information using world's first cable-ready computers.

The NABU 1100 computer hardwer was hosted in a large cabinet with casters on it for manoeuverability. A drawer at the bottom of the cabinet was provided to store software and manuals.

NABU 1100 computer specifications:
- Bus: S-100
- CPU: Zilog Z80A CPU at 4 MHz
- RAM: 62 Kbytes
- ROM: 2 Knytes
- card slots for: CPU board (ACP-1101) floppy disk controller board (AFC-1100), I/O board (AIO-1100), and memory board (ADM-1000), and additional 4 user supplied boards
- external storage: two buil-in 8" Shugart diskette drives (SA850), double sided, capacity = 1600 Kbytes (unformated)
- ports: two RS-232C serial I/O, and parallel I/O

The NABU 4004 display terminal was a stand-alone, ASCII, serial asynchronous computer peripheral that could be connected to any computer equipped with an RSC232C interface.

NABU 404 Terminal specifications:
- CPU: Zilog Z80A
- display: 12" anti-glare, 24 lines, 80 characters per line, normal or revers video
- keyboard: detachable, QWERTY, upper/lower case characters
- 8 switches to control the screen display
- ports: EIA RS232C communications interface
- data rates: from 110 up to 19200 baud
- options: serial and parallel interfaces, numeric key-pad and function keys, APL character set, ccoloured anti-glare display screen (amber or green)

- CP.M operating system

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- The NABU 1100 System: A Technical Guide, Nabu Manufacturing Corp., 1981
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Note: NABU recommended other display terminals to be used with the NABU 1100 computer as well, such as the NABU 3100 terminal.


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Canada, 1980s




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