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Gravis PC GamePad


hardware: computer peripheral, game controller


Historical context

In the 1980s and 1990s, Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.  was  a leading maker of award-winning joysticks and game pads for desktop computers manufactured by companies such as Amiga, Apple, Atari, Commodore, IBM, and Tandy.

The company was founded in Burnaby British Columbia and incorporated in 1982 as Gravis Computer Peripherals Inc. Its first and highly-successful product was the Gravis Analog Joystick offered in 1985 for IBM and IBM-compatible computers. According to some reports (e.g. PC Data), by 1996, Gravis was number one in unit sales of PC game pads. In January 1997, the company was acquired by the Kensington Technology Group.

The list of  Gravis' iconic products includes, among other products (and in addition to the Gravis Analog Joystick),  the Gravis  PC GamePad (1991), the Gravis Team Sports Set (a digital multi-player, multi-button PC game system), and the Gravis Firebird 2 programmable joystick (1996). Gravis also manufactured computer sound cards but this business was discontinued in 1997.

The Gravis PC GamePad was introduced in November 1991. It was the first gamepad for the IBM and IBM compatible computers and one of the most popular gamepads for these platforms.  A variant of the PC GamePad for Macintosh personal computers was introduced by Gravis under the name Mac GamePad.

The museum has a Gravis PC GamePad manufactured in 1998 and its Quick Install manual.


Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.


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