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Digital image depicting an IBM 2741 Selectric typewrite (terminal) at York University Computer Centre in the early 1970s

Historical context:In 1967, Stpephen Dorsey founded Automatic Electronic Systems (AES) in Montreal to develope devices for industrial remote-control applications. Five years later, AES introduced the world’s first all-in-one programmable word…

The MIL MOD8 modular microcomputer consisting of a back plane board (board number MOD8-8) mounted on top of an aluminum case with 7 printed circuit boards inserted into the back plane connectors. These boards are (left to right): MOD8-2 Restart…

DY-4 DSM 6816 Microcomputer model number DS6816-002, serial number 105424

MCM MCP 132N printer model number MCP 132N, serial number 1368.

A printer interfaced to an IBM System 360 computer at York University Computer Center in the early 1970s.

Digital image of a photograph depicting a 33 Automatic Send-Receive (ASR) Teletypewriter (Teletype Corp.) at York University Computer Center in the early 1970s.

MIL MP-1 Chipset
The MF7114 was an early 4-bit single-chip microprocessor designed and built by Microsystems International Ltd. (MIL) between 1970 and 1972. It was the first microprocessor designed and manufactured in Canada. The MF7114's has its roots in the…


Ryerson 6800 microcomputer, serial number 26, Ryerson label 34326. Labels on microcomputer: Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Electrical Department: 4326, and Ontario Hydro Electrical Approval. Designed at Ryerson University for their computer program.

The museum has two Matrox MACS CCB-7, rack-mounted computers with serial numbers 660 and 707.
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