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TRACE Newsletter was an official publication of the Toronto Region Association of Computer Enthusiasts. It was published monthly or semimonthly between March 1976 and February 1985.Holdings: nr. 1 (March 1976) — nr. 68 (March-April 1984), and nr. ?…

TPUG Magazine was an official publication of the Toronto PET Users Group. It was published monthly or semimonthly between February 1984 and and September 1986. Holdings: February—May, October (1984); January—Mrach, May, June, August—December (1985);…

The PRO-80 single-board computer kit was designed and manufactured by Protec Microsystems Inc. of Montreal, Quebec. It was introduced in 1981 and distributed by Protec as well as by General Electronics of Willowdale, Ontario. The computer was…

Early Analog Computer; Used transistor Technology.
From the Operator's Manual describes the TR-48.
"The PACE© TR-48 is a fully transistorized, general purpose analog computer. Consisting entirely of solid-state circuit elements, the TR-48 is…

The Blackberry 7290 smartphone was announced by Research in Motion (RIM) in 2004. It offered an integrated phone with Bluetooth, color display, an integrated backlit QWERTY keyboard, corporate email integration, and HTML browser.

Two editions of 'The Best of the Computer Faires', volume 6 and 8, documenting the conference proceedings of the 8th west coast computer faire.

The photograph taken during the announcement of the MCM/70 in Toronto on 25 September 1973 in Royal York Hotel.

Digital image of a photograph depicting a 33 Automatic Send-Receive (ASR) Teletypewriter (Teletype Corp.) at York University Computer Center in the early 1970s.

Digital image of a photograph depicting students in a programming and keypunch room at York University, 1972 (?).
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