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Northern Electric--Nortel Networks Collection


Northern Electric and Manufacturing Company was founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 1895. It's main business was the manufacturing of telephone equipment…

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Matrox Collection


Matrox Electronics was founded in Montreal in 1976 at the peak of the North American computer hobby movement. The company's first product was a…

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DATAR Archive


DATAR (Digital Automatic Tracking and Remoting) was a comprehensive digital electronic system developed at the Royal Canadian Navy between late 1940s…

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James L. Belyea Archive

Commander James Louis Belyea, Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), is best known for his original, pioneering work on the DATAR system that he initiated at RCN…

Contributors: J.L. Belyea

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Computel Systems Ltd Archive


The first commercially manufactured computers appeared in 1951. By the mid-1960s, the computer industry was well established and the broad benefits of…

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