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Megatel Quark/100


computer hardware: single-board computer


The Quark/100 single-board computer was designed and manufactured by Megatel Computer Technologies -- a Toronto-based company that specialized in designing and manufacturing of small format single-board computers for OEM market. It was released around 1984.

The Quark/100 technical specifications:
  • CPU: Z80
  • RAM: 128KB
  • ROM: 512B
  • Programmable Character Set memory:  2KB
  • external storage: can be interfaced with 3.5",  5.25", and 8" diskette drives
  • display: can be used with most direct-drive and composite monitors that can display 80 characters per row
  • keyboard: can use most ASCII encoded 7- or 8-bit parallel output keyboards
The Quark/100 could also be used with a computer terminal providing both the display and keyboard. Such terminals must offer a full-duplex RS-232C asynchronous serial interface capable of operating at 1200 baud.

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