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The MTX-1632 Video RAM was the first product developed and manufactured by Matrox. It was a specialized video-display device which interfaced with a computer hardware to display computer-generated alphanumeric data. One of the companies that employed…

Matrox high-performance graphics accelerator card

The museum has two Matrox MACS CCB-7, rack-mounted computers with serial numbers 660 and 707.

MCM MCP 132N printer model number MCP 132N, serial number 1368.

The Quark/100 single-board computer was designed and manufactured by Megatel Computer Technologies -- a Toronto-based company that specialized in designing and manufacturing of small format single-board computers for OEM market. It was released…

Historical context:In 1967, Stpephen Dorsey founded Automatic Electronic Systems (AES) in Montreal to develope devices for industrial remote-control applications. Five years later, AES introduced the world’s first all-in-one programmable word…

The MCM DDS-1000 Diskette System model number MPD1000, serial number 711108. 8 inch dual diskette system.

This 8 inch dual diskette system was designed as a mass storage for the MCM/700, /800, and /900 computers. It offered over 1 Mbyte of…

An MCM/70 promotional brochure


MCM/800 computer manufactured by Micro Computer Machines in the second half of 1970s.

Promotional brochure of actuarial software.


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