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The microWAT microcomputer project was initiated by the 1979 study conducted at the University of Waterloo, on possible use of microcomputers for academic applications (for more information, see the reference below). The computer was designed by the…

DY-4 Systems Inc. Challenger I microcomputer model number 953 Chassis, serial number S9538303008.

Dynalogic Hyperion personal computer model 3032.The Hyperion was one of the first 'luggable' computers compatible with the IBM PC. In 1981, Bytec Management Corporation took over Daynalogic Corporation ‐ one of the first Canadian microcomputer…

The MIL MOD8 modular microcomputer consisting of a back plane board (board number MOD8-8) mounted on top of an aluminum case with 7 printed circuit boards inserted into the back plane connectors. These boards are (left to right): MOD8-2 Restart…

Ryerson 6800 microcomputer, serial number 26, Ryerson label 34326. Labels on microcomputer: Ryerson Polytechnical Institute Electrical Department: 4326, and Ontario Hydro Electrical Approval. Designed at Ryerson University for their computer program.
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