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TPUG Magazine was an official publication of the Toronto PET Users Group. It was published monthly or semimonthly between February 1984 and and September 1986. Holdings: February—May, October (1984); January—Mrach, May, June, August—December (1985);…

TRACE Newsletter was an official publication of the Toronto Region Association of Computer Enthusiasts. It was published monthly or semimonthly between March 1976 and February 1985.Holdings: nr. 1 (March 1976) — nr. 68 (March-April 1984), and nr. ?…

The NABU 4404 was a video terminal designed by Waterloo Ont.-based Volker-Craig company (the VC 4404). In 1981, Volker-Craig was acquired by NABU Manufacturing of Ottawa. The VC-4404 was renamed as the NABU 4404.

MIcrosystems International Ltd. (MIL) promotional paper weight with the MP-1 chipset. The chipset consists of: the MF7114 4-bit microprocessor, the MF1601 ROM(128 bits), the MF7115 RAM (256 bits). The MF7114 CPU was used by MIL to design its…

Matrox high-performance graphics accelerator card

The MTX-1632 Video RAM was the first product developed and manufactured by Matrox. It was a specialized video-display device which interfaced with a computer hardware to display computer-generated alphanumeric data. One of the companies that employed…

The first add-on graphics cards for the microcomputer market.

DATAR project: scans of photographs and front pages of technical documents. For full listing of DATAR-related documents and photographs, consult DATAR Collection.

Graphics cards and GPUs manufactured by ATI of Markham, Ontario. For full listing of ATI hardware, consult ATI Collection.

The MCM Power computer released by Micro Computer Machines in 1980.
Model number 524, serial number 1071122c
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